The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning

The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning and Dental Exams

Many people have an aversion to going seeing a dentist regularly. They may have a fear of dental instruments or they may simply dislike the sensation of someone poking around in their mouth. However, the importance of regular teeth cleaning and dental exams cannot be overstated, especially because the health of your teeth has an even greater impact on the whole health of your body.

Protect Against Cavities

It would be great if everyone brushed their teeth for two whole minutes twice a day, flossed after every meal, and always used mouthwash. Unfortunately, that’s most likely not the case. Proper dental hygiene is often one of the most sacrificed in the morning routine.


Over time, the whitish film on your teeth, called plaque, builds up in the hard-to-reach crevices between each tooth. There’s only so much our toothbrushes alone can do to keep our teeth free of plaque. If plaque is allowed to build too much, it can lead to tooth decay. Plaque is acidic in nature, and over time it eats away at our enamel. Left unattended, it can lead to the development of cavities.  


Luckily, plaque is very easily dealt with. Regular teeth cleaning can help make up for all those times you were less than faithful to your teeth. It can help ensure that your teeth stay free of plaque, keeping your enamel strong.   

Prevent Gum Disease and Tooth Loss

Left to fester for too long, plaque can actually damage a tooth so badly that it leads to gum disease, which is the leading cause of tooth loss for adults. As the plaque builds up, it moves further down the tooth, where it can potentially damage the supporting bone in the jaw. This can cause a tooth to loosen or even fall out entirely. While getting your teeth cleaned, your dentist will also inspect your gums for signs of disease or damage.   

Boost Overall Health

Did you know the health of your mouth is connected to the health of the rest of your body? Unhealthy teeth and gums are often found in combination with heart disease and some other potentially life threatening conditions. In fact, research has shown connections between oral health and diabetes, oral cancer, kidney disease, thyroid problems, high blood pressure, asthma, sleep problems, digestive disorders, eating disorders, anxiety, and more.


During your routine teeth cleaning, your dentist will inspect your mouth for signs of oral cancer. In addition, he or she may also notice and alert you to any problems with your teeth or gums that could be related to one of these other issues.  

Save Money

Getting your teeth cleaned regularly, about once every six months or so, can actually save you money in the long run. The more often you care for your teeth, the less likely you are to encounter problems with tooth decay or gum disease, which can be very costly issues to remedy. Often, they require you to visit a specialist and the procedures themselves can be very expensive.

Teeth Cleaning in Philadelphia PA

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