Moutwash With Alcohol vs Without Alcohol

Mouthwash with alcohol

Most people believe it’s the alcohol in the mouthwash that kills all of germs, NOT TRUE! While the alcohol can help, alcohol is also a sugar that can leave behind a residue on your teeth. One con of mouthwash with alcohol is over time the ethanol in the mouthwash can alter your taste buds. On the upside, the ethanol works as a carrier for the oils in mouthwash that help fight the cavities.

Mouthwash without alcohol

Mouthwash without alcohol is best for people with teeth/gum sensitivity, women who are pregnant, or people with diabetes. The burning sensation you feel when using mouthwash is coming from alcohol, and for someone with gingivitis or other sensitivities it can hurt! While the mouthwash with alcohol does a better job of cleaning your mouth, mouthwash without alcohol will be painless and will also eliminate the dry mouth feeling caused by the ethanol.

Regardless of which you choose, always use a mouthwash after you brush your teeth and floss. It helps kill those bad breath germs that are lingering on your tongue, cheeks, and roof of your mouth.