What Types of Fillings Are Available?

You might know what a filling is, but did you know there are different types of fillings? According to Colgate, the different types include amalgam, composite resin, cast gold, porcelain, and resin/glass ionomer. Here are the differences between them.

Amalgam fillings have been universally done for 150 years. The fillings are made up of a series of materials, including mercury, along with tin, copper, silver or zinc. Although they are often the most affordable and strongest option on the table, they start off as a silver color and can further decolor as time goes on. In other words, if you’re looking for fillings to blend in with the rest of your teeth, this is not an ideal option for you.

By far the most common type of filling is the composite resin kind, which your standard, traditional white tooth fillings. They are fillings in disguise, since the color blends in with the rest of your teeth, so they are thus more discrete. However, the material is less durable.

Gold fillings are the most durable, long-lasting option you have, lasting for up to two decades, but it is not as affordable as other types depending on your budget. However, the procedure does take longer than others because it’s an indirect filling.

Porcelain fillings are also an indirect type similar to gold. They typically require more than one dental visit to complete, which makes them inherently more expensive compared to other options available to you. While they have a more natural appearance, they are extremely fragile and are prone to damage if not adequately cared for.

Resin or glass ionomer fillings are typically used to fill smaller spaces, such as in children’s teeth. This type is delicate and prone to easy wear-and-tear, but again, aren’t used for permanent teeth. When they are used on permanent teeth, it’s because the filling needs to be placed in a spot without much dental pressure from chewing.

It’s important to communicate to your doctor about which types of fillings are best fit for you. As you’d expect with every other decision in life, there is no one-size-fits-all filling.

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