Our practice is heavily focused on family values in addition to high quality dentistry.  We encourage families of all sizes to bring in their children around the age of three in order to get a head start on a lifetime of optimal dental health.  Below is a non-comprehensive list of the services that we offer our patients.


Preventive Care
We believe it is just as valuable to take preventative measures to keep your teeth healthy as it is to take reactive measures.  This means that we treat the two main culprits of poor dental health: decay and gum disease.  We can help you take the right steps both in our office and at home to make sure that your teeth are not afflicted by these conditions.

Periodontal Treatment
Periodontal disease is considered to be the silent killer of dental health and many people have it without even knowing so.  People can experience the symptoms of gum disease for years before realizing the issue.  Some of the symptoms can include loose teeth, gum swelling and bleeding gums.  Since the gums are the foundation of your teeth, it is crucial to keep them healthy.  That’s why we work hard to keep your gums in great shape through regular scheduled visits.

Restorative Services
If your teeth have lost their former luster, don’t fret.  Our team is specially trained to handle situations like these.  When you visit our office, we will discuss your goals, do a full diagnosis and take the appropriate steps to getting you the smile you’ve dreamed of.

Endodontic Therapy
If your tooth’s pulp is irreversibly damaged, we can save it from extraction.  We use advanced techniques that can alleviate much of the discomfort associated with endodontics.

Temporomandibular Disorders (TMJ)
Some patients may experience an issue with their TMJ joint, the joint that controls the movement of the jaw.  If you are experiencing a TMJ issue, you may have noticed a clicking sound of the jaw, limited movement of the jaw, a change in the way the upper and lower teeth fit together, headaches, earaches or dizziness.  Our historically effective treatments are centered around eliminating poor oral habits, physical therapy to the masticatory muscles, and alleviating bad posture of the head and neck.

Cosmetic Services
We know that your smile matters to you and the way you look.  Dr. Rice has been practicing cosmetic dentistry for years and knows exactly what you need to achieve the teeth and the smile that you’ve dreamed of.